about the slippery reader


I am excited to be a wife and a boss. And as I begin this new period of growth and learning, I am pulled toward the stories of other women and their struggles and successes. My sister has a habit of pointing out things that I had not previously noticed and then cannot un-see. For example: whether or not television shows have main characters of color and, if so, how they are portrayed. She exclusively reads books written by women- typically women who are a minority as a result of their color, sexuality, and/or gender identification. She encouraged me to, once again, read books that stretch me- whether it’s a book about a woman whose experience varies vastly from mine or it’s a book about the construct of gender in and of itself.

So, for my first year of marriage (and second of leadership) I’m reading books that are either a) exclusively by women or a) written by men/or women that I think will help me be stronger as a woman.

There is no book too lofty or too silly. Along the way, I plan to chronicle my observations and experiences, both with the books and with the roles in which I am embarking (boss, wife).

I would love to hear others’ thoughts, experiences and (especially) book recommendations. Welcome.

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